As an accomplished artist, illustrator and graphic designer, Northern California native Tim Ward is among the vanguard in Santa Cruz art.

Artwork by Ward covers a wide range- from beautiful oil on canvas paintings and dreamlike graphite drawings to regularly published illustration and internationally acclaimed logo branding.

In much of his painting and drawing work, Ward strives to share the serenity and the beauty of the ocean and sky. These images are striking and subtle all at once. His unique graphites and colorful oils have been exhibited in California and Hawaii.

In the design and illustration realm, Ward's involvement in action sports culture has evolved from local notoriety to international distinction. He has worked with some of the largest names in these industries and has also created an extensive portfolio outside of them.

Santa Cruz surfer/skater/artist Tim Ward captures the world's most intriguing breaks in finely wrought graphite drawings. From the big three of Oahu's North Shore to J-Bay, Burleigh Heads, and moody, tree-lined secret spots, Ward's graphite pencil technique gives his pictures a nostalgic, slightly hazy quality that's like viewing memories. The images bring a solid hit of surf-infusion to wherever they're placed.
-The Surfer's Journal


Many of you have seen Tim Ward's work all over California, if not the world... He has earned his recognition and thoroughly enjoys creating art... with that said, here is his art in its well deserved space...
-Vamp Magazine

Tim Ward is an amazing artist... He knew at the age of six that he wanted to become a commercial artist...
...He was very confident in his design skills and had a pretty amazing portfolio to show for it...
-North Coast Surf Press

...Take expert artist Tim Ward... His talent was easily recognized, and Ward was soon creating logos for underground surfboard and skateboard makers. Today, Ward's distinctive artwork has come to define the local scene- and Santa Cruz style in general...O'Neill Wetsuits, Santa Cruz Surf Shop, Coffeetopia, Vernor Surfboards. His art graces other local business logos, from organic foods to tanning salons to jewelry and clothing companies...
-Metro Santa Cruz Weekly