"We came to Ward Art Studios with the concept of our shop but had no logo or image to match it. Tim not only produced the perfect image, but created a logo that has customers calling from around the world requesting our shop's merchandise."

-SB, Paradise Surf Shop

Paradise Surf Shop; top 20 of 500 designs in Business News logo contest.

-Business News Magazine

Santa Cruz, California is known planet-wide as a hub of the active and creative lifestyle. The SC logo, designed for Santa Cruz Surf Shop, quickly began to identify the region itself. Take a walk in the vicinity and you’ll see this image everywhere, displaying affinity and pride for the area. And it has been doing so for many, many years. From a sales and marketing standpoint, the image is truly remarkable.

"Ward Art Studios has handled most of the graphic needs for my business. The logo has clearly made a distinguishable presence in my industry and it has brought in much business. I love it."

-TR, T.R. Productions

"Recently I reached a point in my business where I needed to grow. My logo was not good enough to go on an international level.

"I asked around and everyone I spoke with said 'If you want the best, you have to talk to Ward Art Studios.

"Well, I did, and now my business has tripled in sales for the past two years! Thanks, Tim."

-DV, Vernor Surfboards, U.S.A.

"Pacific Wave recently hired Ward Art Studios to design a logo. Within a short time we were presented with a final design. Upon our enthusiastic approval, products incorporating the artwork were created.

"The new logo immediately became one of the best selling items. It has been so successful that we now use it in advertising and as the logo for our private label clothing.

"Ward Art Studio's excellent reputation is well deserved."

-TN, Pacific Wave Boardshop

You have been so wonderful and patient to work with. I really appreciate all your creativity and hard work. My partner and I both agree that you were the perfect artist for the job! Many thanks!"

-AM, Haolegirl

"The ROV (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle) 'Doc Ricketts' will become one of the most photographed and documented science submarines in the world, and we wanted a striking logo to help give it a visual identity.

"Tim Ward was recommended to us by a fellow design professional. This recommendation, along with his portfolio, convinced us he was the right artist for the job.

"Tim coached us through every step of the design process, worked quickly and brought us a fantastic logo in time to have it put on the sub before our first science mission.

"For any design services in the future, I know exactly who to call."

-MT, Chief Pilot, ROV Doc Ricketts
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

"I cannot recommend Ward Art Studios highly enough. I believe the artwork Tim created for our line of products is responsible for 50% of our first-time buyers.

"Our artwork is so eye-catching in fact, that a recent move to put it on T-shirts (a customer request) has turned into a small business of its own.

"If you only hire one artist in a lifetime, Tim Ward is your man."

-WB, Happy Jackal Foods


  • A quality, eye-catching logo is vital in business
  • An eye-catching logo gives your company name-recognition
  • An effective logo forwards your business identity
  • A logo can help communicate your business function
  • A logo designer should listen to the client
  • A logo designer should deliver the goods
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I usually start with a decent breakfast. This provides a foundation for extreme pen and mouse wielding.

Regarding your artwork, first we speak and I get a good idea of the direction you’d like to go. I get the vibe, and any specific ideas you may have.

Next, I generate rough sketches and we review them. We discuss anything you may like about them. Then I can zero-in with the next round of tighter sketch(es). We then review those. We proceed in this same manner, communicating at each stage. The art gets tighter and more refined with each round, and you’re completely in on the creative process. We continue until we have a great design that you love! Finally, I supply you with a full range of digital files that cover your print and digital publishing needs.