Tim Ward Art Studio (Studios) is a Santa Cruz logo design studio with an experienced, professional Santa Cruz logo designer. Tim Ward specializes in logo design, graphic design, logo branding, commercial art, and many other design services in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley and surrounding areas throughout California (CA).

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Other service areas are nationwide (The USA [U.S.A.], America). This would include Los Angeles and Sacramento, as well as San Diego and Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada (NV).

Regarding art for sports, surfing, skateboards and skate, extreme sports, x games, the music/rock/pop arena, as well as more info on being a logo designer:
Tim has also designed for the food, retail, snacks and snacking industry/industries. Other industry includes toy and toys, youth and children. Much sales and marketing attempts to appeal to the teen, teens, tweens, teenagers and young adults. Tim Ward has created music logos for bands (a band being a musical group). Also rock, rock and roll and rock-and-roll. Other spellings are: rock n' roll, rock n roll and rock-n-roll. Some names for Tim Ward's business: Ward Art Studio, Ward Art Studios, Tim Ward Art Studio and Tim Ward Art Studios. Logo design has other names also: icon / icons, iconography and logo brands. Additional ways to write the same idea are logo branding and branding. Corporate ID and corporate I.D. are two other ways to put it. Related areas of design expertise are T-shirt design (T shirt design, tee shirt design, tee-shirt design), layout, brochure and print ad design. Tim Ward creates screen prints, screen-printing and screen printed products. “Screen print” is sometimes mis-spelled as “screenprint”. Either way you call it, Tim Ward can create a visual symbol. To create an eye-catching (sometimes splled “eye catching”) piece is a goal when designing. The visual symbols created by Tim Ward are top notch, the best, award winning and acclaimed. Sports logos, sport logos, sporting logos, and radical art for extreme sports and alternative sports are seen here. Action sports is another term for extreme sports, x-games, x games, etc. Retail artwork also. Surf art and Surf logos are shown. Surfing pictures and surfing art are here also. Tim Ward has designed logos that have been used on a surfboard and on surfboards. Surfing is the act of riding waves in the ocean or the sea (sometimes even on lakes and pools). Terms for types of waves and surf spots are: big waves, small waves, slabs, point breaks, reefs and sandbars, jetty breaks, etc. Beach art and the beach lifestyle is a fun area full of creativity. Art and logos for water sports is a specialty for Tim. Surfshop and surfshops, skateshop and skateshops have logos. Some alternate spellings: skate shop and skate shops, surf shop and surf shops also. Tim Ward has worked for industries such as skateboards and skateboarding. Aside from the fine art, all these art services could fall under the category of commercial art. Also called graphic art and graphic arts. Other names for an artist would be artiste, designer, creator and painter. Tim Ward worked in a design group while at O’neill Wetsuits and Sportswear, a Santa Cruz, California company. Tim ward has created art in many traditional media, as well as excellent computer graphics. He has designed art for clothing companies. Tim Ward has created art for stickers and decals. The sticker and the decal are basically the same thing but "decal" is a bit more encompassing of various art forms (some spell that "artform"), whereas the term “sticker” is more spedific for a peel-and-stick product.

Regarding illustration, oil on canvas and graphite/pencil drawings, fine art and being an illustrator:
Tim Ward also creates oil on canvas fine art, graphite drawings fine art and pencil drawing fine art. Illustration is another art form that Tim Ward produces. Tim has illustrated children’s books (childrens books). The concept, concepts and conceptualization is also an area of art that Tim is very effective in. Dealing in conceptual sketches is a necessary step in art services. Tim is an excellent sketch artist as well as a cartoonist. His cartoon work can be seen here, in the illustration and archive sections. Some of the surf ‘toons (surf cartoons) are funny. Paintings and drawings are also shown in the Tim Ward portfolio.